Slovak ski resort extends welcome to Chinese tourists

time:2024-03-01 16:22 author:Xinhua

Jiri Trumpes, a resort director at the Tatry Mountain Resorts, extended his warm welcome to Chinese visitors to Jasna, a ski resort in Slovakia, in a recent interview with Xinhua.

Located in Slovakia's Low Tatra Mountains, Jasna boasts 50 kilometers of ski slopes, with its highest peak over 2,000 meters above sea level.

"We have a lot of slopes of all the difficulties, so everybody can find his or her space in Jasna," he said.

In addition to the ski resort, there are thermal spas and water parks nearby, allowing visitors to Jasna to also enjoy relaxation, he said.

According to Trumpes, Jasna attracts nearly 900,000 guests during a ski season that typically lasts from December the previous year until April the next year, and over 10,000 skiers per day on peak days.

With China hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics, he expressed the belief that the Chinese people's interest in winter sports, including skiing, "will be only growing."

"So obviously, we would be very happy to welcome Chinese tourists here," he said.

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