Dialogue among World Famous Mountains in the World

  • "Dialogue Among World Famous Mountains in the World" is a brand created by the International Mountain Tourism Alliance. It was created in 2018, to build a platform for exchange and cooperation in the world's mountain tourism industry, strengthen the dialogue between different mountain cultures, promote mutual collaboration, and showcase mountain tourism. The image of the destination, explore the diversified and coordinated development model among famous mountains, and explore the creation of a healthy, green and sustainable mountain tourism industry. Following the first "Dialogue Among World Famous Mountains in the World" of the 2018 Alliance Annual Conference, the second "Dialogue Among World Famous Mountains in the World" will be held again during the 2020 Alliance Annual Conference. The guests of the dialogue are representatives and experts of world famous mountains, combined with the characteristics of mountain tourism resources and industry status in various regions. A photo exhibition of world famous mountains will be held.