Highlights of Spring Festival holidays of various business types under CYTS

time:2024-02-29 17:08 author:IMTA

In the golden week holiday of the Spring Festival in the the Year of the Loong of the lunar calendar, the tourism market burst with vitality, and holiday consumption continued to rise, showing the characteristics of "high popularity, hot consumption, and strong annual flavor".

CYTS combines traditional culture with modern elements in its various forms of business, bringing high-quality products and services full of flavor to the vast number of tourists. Cultural tourism scenic spots, integrated marketing, comprehensive tourism services, hotels and other sectors have blossomed in many places, with many highlights, realizing the "good start" of the the Year of the Loong.

The tourist reception of Wuzhen scenic spot during the Spring Festival Golden Week increased by 11.80% compared with the same period in 2019, with the highest daily passenger flow exceeding 100,000 person-times; the operating income exceeded the 100 million yuan mark, creating a new record high; the hotel occupancy rate increased by 8.28% year-on-year.

The Spring Festival Golden Week of Gubei Water Town received 7.06% more tourists than the same period in 2023, achieving a revenue basically the same as that in 2019; the average consumption per guest increased by 15.19% compared to 2019.

During the Spring Festival, the acceleration of the recovery and development of inbound and outbound tourism was driven by favorable policies such as visa exemption, customs clearance facilitation, and the resumption of air routes, resulting in a "two-way rush" of Chinese and foreign tourists. The comprehensive tourism service sector under CYTS accelerated its recovery, receiving nearly 10,000 tourists and achieving a 929% increase in operating income compared to the same period in 2023.

During the Spring Festival, China Youth Travel Service's Shanshui Hotel launched various online and offline promotions such as special offers for bookings, discounts for consecutive stays, and new media promotion. By strengthening cooperation with travel agencies in popular tourist destinations, it actively explored team sources. The operating income increased by 83.07% compared to the same period in 2023; the hotel occupancy rate increased by 20.89% year-on-year; and the RevPar increased by 85.08% year-on-year.

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